About Randy Horton

Randy Horton is an information technology specialist, project manager, new media artist and teacher with nearly 20 years experience in the  management, design, development and implementation of digital network projects and software-as-a-service products.  He has championed a number of enterprise-level initiatives for top Canadian corporations, non-profit organizations and start-up companies through his consulting company, Mediaboot Productions Inc., which was started in 2001. Mr. Horton is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP, 2014), a CAPM – Certified Agile Project Manager (Project Management Association of Canada, 2014) and a PMI Certified Agile Practitioner (PMIACP, 2015) and a Certified Scrum Master (CSM, 2005).  He has extensive operations and support experience using agile approaches in order to provide clients with faster return on investment, accountability and trusted services.

In addition to his formal Project Management practice,  Mr. Horton is an established new media artist whose work includes interactive robotics, digital illustration, painting and drawing. His interactive video installations have been exhibited at the Museum of Natural History (Ottawa, ON), The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), located in Toronto, Ontario, and numerous other art galleries in the Toronto, Ontario area.  As a new media professional and academic, he has been involved in on-going research involving interactive media practices and the relationship between participatory robotics and communication.

Randy holds a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Documentary Media and a Bachelor of Fine Arts cum laude (BFA) Degree in New Media from Ryerson University.


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