ITIL Knowledge, Process and Scope Study Sheet


Knowledge Area Process Scope, Assets and Artifacts
Service Strategy Portfolio Management ·         Pipeline

·         Catalog

·         Retired Services

Business Relationship Management ·         Complaints and Compliments
Financial Management ·         Accounting

·         Budgeting

·         Charging

·         Business Cases

Service Design Lifecycle / Overview ·         FRD

·         SLR

·         Benefits

·         Design Constraints

·         S.T.A.M.P. and the 4Ps

Coordination ·         Produce Design Packages (SDP)

o    S.T.A.M.P.

o    Service Solutions

o    Tools and management information systems (Portfolio and Catalog)

o    Architecture and technology

o    Measurements and metrics

o    Processes

·         Handover SDPs to Transition

·         Monitor Design Practices

Catalog Management ·         Two View Visualization

·         Three View Visualization

·         Create the Service Catalog

·         Maintain the CMS

Service Level Management ·         Define Service Level Requirements (SLR)

·         Define Operational Level Agreement (OLA)

·         Define Underpinning Agreements

·         Deliver to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

·         Establish Service Level Packages (SLP)

·         Service Level Target (SLT) performance and improvement

Supplier Management ·         Negotiates and agrees supplier contracts

·         Relationship with Suppliers

·         Performance of suppliers

·         Creation of the Supplier Contract Management Information System (SCMIS)

·         Risk and Value Categorization of Suppliers

o    Commodity

o    Operational

o    Tactical

o    Strategic

Availability Management ·         Ensures services are there when the customer needs them

·         Reactive Activities

o    Monitoring, Reporting

o    Incident Management

·         Proactive Activities

o    Planning, Designing, Process Improvements

·         Characteristics of Availability

o    Availability

o    Reliability

o    Maintainability

o    Serviceability

o    Vital Business Functions

Capacity Management ·         Cost justifiable capacity for current and future needs

·         Business Capacity Management

·         Service Capacity Management

·         Component Management

·         Makes use of Patterns of Business Activities in order to understand demand

o    Seasonal Variations

o    Peak Usage Times

IT Continuity Management ·         Business impact analysis

·         Risk assessment

·         Produce an overall ITSCM strategy

·         Produce and ITSCM plan that is integrated with other continuity plans

·         Regularly test and improve continuity plans


Information Security Management ·         Ensure Security, Confidentiality and Authenticity of Services
Service Transition Transition planning and support ·         Maintain policies and standards for service transition

·         Guide each major change through service transition processes

·         Coordinate multiple transitions

·         Prioritize conflicting requirements

·         Ensure service transition is coordinated with program and project management


Service asset and configuration management ·         Manages the complete lifecycle of configuration items

·         Identifies, baselines, and maintains all configuration items

·         Interfaces with other service management processes

·         Interfaces with external service providers.

Change Management ·         Create and Record Request for Change

·         Review RFC

·         Assess and Evaluate the Change

·         Authorize Change Build and Test

·         Coordinate Change Build and Test

·         Authorize Change Deployment

·         Coordinate Change Deployment

·         Review and Close Change Record


Release and Deployment Management ·         Authorize release plan

·         Authorize build and test

·         Authorize check-in to DML (Definitive Media Library)

·         Authorize deployment/transfer/retirement

·         Post implementation review


Knowledge Management


·         Improve the quality of management decision making

·         Ensure reliable and secure knowledge is available throughout the lifecycle

·         Maintain an SKMIS (Service Knowledge Management System)

·         Gather, analyze, store and maintain knowledge.

Service Operation Event Management Informational Events

·         Information that can be used for trending and analysis to inform service provider decision making

Warning Events

·         Early warning information that can often be leveraged to minimize or prevent any user or business impact

Exception Events

·         Abnormal situations or failures that require additional follow-up-actions

Incident Management ·         Incident Identification

·         Incident logging

·         Incident categorization

·         Incident prioritization

o    Based on Impact and Urgency

·         Investigation and diagnosis

·         Resolution and Recovery

·         Incident Closure

Problem Management Key definitions

–          Work Arounds

–          Known Errors

–          KEDB (Known Error Database)

–          Problem Models

Request Fulfillment ·         Maintain customer and user satisfaction

·         Efficiently handle requests

·         Provide a channel for requests users and customers to make requests

·         Provide information about services to customers and users

·         Source and deliver the components of required services

·         Assist with informational requests, complaints, comments and compliments


Access Management ·         Manage access to services based on policies and actions defined in information security management

·         Efficiently respond to access requests

·         Monitor access to services to ensure rights are not improperly used

·         Protects confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and intellectual property by executing information security management policies

·         Ensures authorized users are given the rights to use services

·         Is performed across functions – likely with a single point of coordination

Functions of Service Operation ·         Service Desk

·         Technical Management

·         Operations Management

·         Application Management

Continuous Service Improvements (CSI ·         CSI Register

·         The Demming Cycle

·         Baselines

·         CSI Approach

·         Baselines

·         CSF and KPIs

·         CSF Metric Types

o    Technology

o    Process

o    Service

·         Seven Steps for Improvement

o    Identify the strategy for improvement

o    Define what you will measure

o    Gather the data

o    Process the data

o    Analyze the information and data

o    Present and use the information

o    Implement improvement