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Flip Dot Panel Control with Max MSP

A little while ago I collaborated with Tori Foster to create a unique art installation that used flipdot panels to display video footage of traffic from the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto. The following videos are some of the successful tests of both the software to read the video and the integration with the flipdot panels. I was responsible for writing the software that transformed the video into binary data that the flipdot panels could read. I was also responsible for the integration of the software with the flipdot panels, and prototyping the functionality of the installation.

You can view the final work and Tori’s installation at:

Robotics and Telepresence

There are a lot of robotic applications within new media.  My interest lies in the use of robotics and network technologies in order to collapse the relevance of physical space.  Telepresence is the idea of being able to affect and influence the physical space of a location through a network.  This allows the network user to manipulate the space through robotic actuators.  Below are some of the projects that I’ve created that use telepresence technologies.